Are you having a hard time trying to make money online?

Hi! My name is Bill Anderson and I’ve been making money online full time since the early 90's. I have always worked from a spare bedroom in my home and for 10 years, I worked from my 37 foot Winnebago from wherever I happened to be at the time. Like the Smoky Mountains or The Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Imagine doing that yourself! No more boss or driving in traffic - wake up when you want to. Living the dream lifestyle. I can show you how to do what I have already done. But I'm not gonna lie to you... it isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Why? Because something happened back around 2010 and the internet changed forever. I’m old enough to remember the good ol’ days when you could slap up a Google ad, send some cheap PPC traffic to your sales page and make sales. Profitable sales too - Do you believe that?

You can’t do that today because people won’t buy. So, back around 2010, everybody and their Uncle jumped on board this money train. A lot of quick buck scammers jumped on board too. Customers got scammed and became more and more skeptical. Everybody was trying to build their lists and started giving away for free what we used to sell. Competitors popped up out of the woodwork with huge teams of content creators that a one man shop could not compete with.

Check this out... I used to be able to make a blog post and within one hour, I would be on the first page of Google if I searched on that title. Today, you’ll never get on the first page of Google without some seriously good content and a team of SEO specialists working around the clock to promote it.

Bottom line... It’s extremely hard to make money online these days, so why not go offline? Or use the "offline to online" method? It’s not as hard as it seems. I will show you how to do a 10,000 piece postcard mailing in about 15 minutes just by clicking a few buttons. And there’s no approval process or anyone looking over your shoulder. Just buy your targeted list, design your postcard, and use an online service to print and mail them. Your prospects will go straight to your webpage or right into your sales funnel where you can follow up with them like you’re doing now.

But there are some good online tactics that still work today and we'll tell you about those too.

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