Welding Secrets

No Other Book Will Prevent More Accidents

Note... Welding Secrets was written by an old school oxy-acetylene welder. He was very good at what he did. This is not a welding instruction manual, but more of a welding tips and tricks eBook. Some of the info can be used with modern weldining machines and some can not. Some of the most important info like how to make welds that hold and confined expansion should be in EVERY welder's knowledgebase...

Have you ever seen a book that tells you where NOT to weld? This one does. "Welding Secrets" was written by a welder with 49 years experience. Amazing facts explained in simple terms with 75 photographs and 10 sketches. welding instruction

"Welding Secrets" explains why a weld bead shrinks more where it stops than it does where it starts. Also... amazing pictures of test welds to show the difference between "free expansion" and "confined expansion". If you have never seen this, you need this book!

If you believe that the stresses caused by welding do not harm the workpiece, you are right - except when the weld is made under confined expansion.

Lack of knowledge is no defense in a court of law. Surely you have read about the law suits caused by the breast implants and asbestos. Research has proven that a weld in the wrong place will cause a break. Not in the weld, but adjoining the weld. Breaks cause accidents which kill people. If you weld something and it breaks and causes injury or damage... you can be SUED. You could lose everything you own. Learn about the places that should NOT be welded. Order your copy of "Welding Secrets" NOW!

"For years I've been trying to think of a way to warn the public of a hazard that threatens their lives. The deaths of ten people in Chicago, caused by a faulty weld, has prompted me to write. We have heard of trailers breaking loose from cars, catwalks falling, construction accidents, bridges falling, and airplane crashes. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps the welders did not know where NOT to weld? Do the inspectors and engineers know where not to weld? I am 80 years old, a grammar school drop-out, and have been welding since 1936. If I had been educated I probably would have turned up my nose at welding. Have you ever known a college graduate taking a job as a welder? In my opinion, welding has been grossly neglected by the educators." Hal Wilson - Author

Spend 1 Hour Reading "Welding Secrets" and You Will Learn:

  • How to flatten a warped steel frame
  • How to remove a bad bearing race from a holewelding secrets
  • How to burn a lap weld and save both pieces
  • How to temper a chisel - properly!
  • How to repair a crack in a pipe or tubing
  • How to burn a nut off a bolt and save the threads
  • How to remove a stuck sleeve from a hole
  • How to burn through a large steel shaft
  • How to make a smooth cut with a cutting torch
  • How to build up a worn shaft and prevent it from breaking off at the end of the welds
  • How to shrink a nut or expand a nutHow to weld thick and thin metals together
  • How to run a smooth bead
  • How to weld overhead & vertically
  • Why you NEVER weld crosswise on a stress member
  • How to shrink a steel pulley
  • How to reinforce the inside of tubing
  • How to flatten a bulged circle
  • How to remove a broken off bolt
  • How to remove a broken off tap
  • Thermal conductivity & thermal expansion of metals
  • Simple hardness tester
  • Cast iron welded with nickel electrodes
  • Importance of... direction of travel and back-stepping
  • And much, much more!

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