Make Your Own Ethanol

...for Drinking (moonshine) or for Your Car or for Heating Your Home

Dear Friend:

If you ever wanted to learn how to distill your own alcohol, here's a cool little eBook written in 1980. It may be old, but distilling has been around for many, many years as you know. And good knowledge is good knowledge. You never know when you might need good info like this - I keep a folder on my computer full of these types of eBooks "just in case". I know gas prices are very low these days, but that could change any day now. We are basically in a oil war right now and it is still to be determined who will come out on top. US drillers are taking a big hit right now, but some of them may survive.

In 1980, they did not have flex fuel vehicles like we have today, but gasahol was popular. It didn't run very well in most cars though. In a flex fuel vehicle today, E85 is no problem. I'm pretty sure they can run E100 too.

Anyway, if you don't want to burn it in your car, you can drink it! Moonshine is popular these days. Just mix in your favorite ingredients and you have drinks like apple pie, cherry pie, and peach pie. The big difference between burning ethanol and drinking ethanol is the amount of water in the ethanol. Heck, you can even burn it in some oil burners.

It's perfectly legal to make ethanol for burning. Not too sure about drinking though. You probably have to have a more expensive distilled spirits permit to make that legit. I won't tell if you don't! The link to apply for the free permit is on the download page "if" you are interested.

Also... check at the bottom of this page for some stills you can just purchase on Amazon if you don't want to build your own.

It's only $7, so get yours today!...

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