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Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it (eBook) - Learn how to set up your own electric company in your back yard. $29.95

Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it (paper version)...

Welding Secrets - Learn where "not" to weld and how to make welds that hold and are safe. eBook $29.95

From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank (biodiesel eBook $24.95) 

Make Your Own Moonshine (eBook $7.00) 

See Amazon links below for David Sieg's biodiesel books.

The Oil Age is Over (peak oil eBook $24.95)

The Super Affiliate Handbook - Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. eBook.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine & Solar System - Do it yourself on the cheap - find free batteries too! eBook.

Electric Car Conversion - How to convert a car to electric for under $500.

Recondition Old Batteries - Bring those dead batteries back to life and save $$$$! eBook.

9 Gardening eBooks for one low price of $29.95!

Aquaponics - Forget about dirt gardening and expensive hydroponics - try the new, easier "aquaponics". eBook.

EMP Survival - How to survive after an EMP strike or extreme solar flare which would knock out all electrinics. eBook.

Stirling Engine - A Solar Powered Stirling Engine. eBook.

Manual Oil Press - If you ever wanted to press your own oil seeds but you could not afford one of those expensive motorized oil presses, then this handy little manual oil press may just be what you are looking for.

Landscaping - Everything you need to know to create your dream yard like you see on TV. From design to planting trees to creating ponds to water conservation and much more!

12 Great Cookbooks for $29.95 - Surviving on your own means cooking for yourself. Here's everything from Grandma's recipes to Mexican dishes to Wing Recipes to Venison and More!

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